Why Virtual CFO ?

As digital-age is fast catching up across the globe on all industrial sectors, there had been ever increasing needs for timely compliances and adept preparations of various business reports to follow statutory regulations from time to time across the globe including on filing returns to various statutory authorities, IRAS & income tax departments, FEMA & RBI regulations besides Company Law compliances.

Where there had been organisational defaults not by design but out of sheer inadvertence, the role of “VirtualCFO” has become a timely facilitation for both filing statutory returns in time and also for every other follow-ups emerging in rendering satisfactory explanations for fulfilling all such statutory compliances including but not limited to Project/Business Plans, Arranging Funding (low-cost), Budgeting, Hits-n-Misses Reports, Organisational requirements, MIS, DSS & HR Reporting systems besides adhering to various Branding, IT Systems & Marketing.

Commercial Operations of any organisation involved in Industrialisation, Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Insurance, Logistics, Projects, Consulting etc., requires “Virtual CFO” to handle all the time (on a continuous basis) compliances and adherences most effectively to render businesses in absolute peace with a statutory bliss more particularly on compliances under company law formalities, forex & export realisation commitments, low-cost overseas funding options, JV agreements, global business rolex replica ecologies, business strategies’ offering from time to time, treasury management, working capital obligations, debt-restructuring, Non-Performing-Assets (NPAs) identification, Activity Based Costing Management (ABCM), Man-power Management, Soft-skills Training , Productivity Measurement, HR & Training & Development (T & D) besides ever increasing demands on IT Systems, Mobile Apps & Brand Equity mechanisms across the globe.