Work Scope

What It Delivers ?

Specialised in most of the industrial and business segments/service requirements with collated professional associates delivering almost all the business solutions in time, entrepreneurial and compliance aspects of every growing business is taken care of by ‘Virtual CFO’ with an incessant facilitation including on international low-cost fund-raising mechanisms coupled with operational management strategies offered to promoters of large, medium and SME business houses. Considering the present day needs of having to comply with regulations across the globe periodically including filing of compliance returns, auditing, presentations to banks and financial institutions, providing FEMA & RBI services across for all export commitments, compliances under specific guidelines and registrations such as VAT, Service Tax, STPI regulations (for Software Companies), NABH registrations (for Healthcare Organisations), JCI standards facilitation (for Hospitals), ISO registrations (for all industries), Business Process Outsourcing (for specific jobs’ oriented segments), Medical requirements such as Health Insurance Registrations, PF & ESI registrations, compliances & filing of periodic returns, Preparation & Presentation on various topics of utmost interest to the top management and promoters such as international funding options, project presentations, pre-market studies, pre-project studies, market-survey and brand-equity options etc., As an entrepreneur, to manage your growing business, you need a strategic partner to lead & manage fund raising, financial reporting, budgeting, monitoring cash flows, contract negotiations, implementing systems & controls, compliances, BOD & Investor reporting and to strengthen your own finance & accounting team.

Virtual CFO provides CFO & Company Secretary functions/ services across the globe similar to that of a “full-time CFO-cum-Company Secretary” and when engaged Virtual CFO would act as Company's Ambassador on various ‘CFO cum Company Secretary’ functions including but not limited to all CFO functions and Company Secretary Practices such as consolidation of financial statements under GAAP/IFRS etc., statutory audits, compliances and filing with RoC of periodic returns (both for Indian Companies and Foreign Subsidiaries and/or vice versa), conduct of statutory meetings (AGM, EGM etc.,), conducting various audits such as Management Audit, Marketing Audit, Commercial Audit, Systems Audit, HR & Admin Audits, Procurement Audits, Pre-Audits, Projects’ Audit, Preparation & Presentation of various Budgets, providing FEMA & RBI compliance reports (on forex and export obligations/commitments), FCCB/ECB/PE funding options etc., without effecting an ‘employer-employee’ relationship. Many growing corporates who cannot afford to have seasoned full-time ‘CFO cum Company Secretary’ can bank upon our Virtual CFO functions instantaneously as we have the intensely qualified, highly experienced and systems’ driven professionals available for all corporate requirements across the globe under our duly authorised client base.

Virtual CFO commences its’ services after getting an “Engagement Letter” duly endorsed by the Promoters/Top Management and shall provide reports only those who engaged our services at the top level (except when authorised to deal with delegated functionaries at the senior management levels). As per the growth and size of organisations and based upon specific requirements of the top management, Virtual CFO would quote its’ professional fees and engagement period indemnifying as well as counter-indemnified from all acts of omission and commission on Virtual CFO and its Directors/Executives.

Virtual CFO offers a minimum of FOUR hours per day engagement time and maximum per week (five days only) could be TWENTY HOURS per corporate client’s engagement per professional. Any increased engagement in hourly basis would be charged separately as an extra cost. Terms of charges would depend upon the exigencies of services required and the usage of quality time of professionals by the client. We do not offer any CREDIT facilities to our engagement payments or any delays. Timely deliverables would be the hall-mark of our professionalism.

We encourage a ‘flexi-engagement model’ where in a dedicated professional resource would invest his/her time for our enlisted client based on the agreed scope of activities entrusted with a pre-fixed meeting atleast one week in advance for finalising all action plans as per scope of functions and payment terms agreed upon. We donot follow any other model such as dedicating a single resource for the same company again and again as rotation is our pre-requisite unless specifically agreed upon with our enlisted clients with proper commercial terms pre-fixed and would be offered only on a ‘premium-pricing-model’.